• Welcome to Darsfoundation
  • Education & Capacity Building

Welcome to Darsfoundation

The Darsfield EarthCare & Farm-Tech Foundation (Darsfoundation) is a non-profit-making, non-political, non-governmental, environmental & developmental organization concern primarily with environmental and wildlife conservation programs in Ghana. To achieve our environmental conservation goals, we form Farmers Based Organizations (FBO) and Community Based Organizations (CBO) that collectively serve as stewards of their environment. Conventional thinking is that social and economic developments are usually at the expense of the environment.  Darsfoundation is changing that perception.  Education is the key element in our capacity building programs. We provide Farmers/communities with the know-how and the know-why so they can make informed decisions in adopting environmental projects aimed at alleviating poverty. Our field workers work with farmers in improving farming techniques and sustainable alternative livelihood in rural communities.  They also help in the development of locally derived low input organic resources to improve quality and quantity of produce and hence increased income.  Darsfoundation operates in the following thematic areas:

  1. Forest Conservation Programs: Afforestation,  Agroforestry, Forest Farming
  2. Agricultural Diversification Programs
  3. Sustainable Alternative Livelihood, Farm Techniques and Family Support Programs
  4. Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation: Carbon Sinks, Sustainable Land Use
  5. Advocacy & Policy:  Women & Vulnerable Group
  6. Food Security & Micro-finance Schemes

Darsfoundation seeks to address the following challenges in rural communities in Ghana:

  • Mass poverty and mass unemployment
  • Deforestation, Desertification and land degradation
  • Community and environment deprived of economic activities
  • Mass youths drop-out of education and without skills.

Most members of these communities are peasant farmers, hence there is little or no income generating activities or more appropriately no savings and investment in the home. Of more serious consequence is the inability to invest in their children to meet the challenges of the growing sophistication in the world.