Headed By Ms. Edinam Marlene Paul

BACK TO THE BALANCE OF LIFE- Ghana (BBL) is a non-profit organization affiliated to Darsfoundation aimed at reducing the rate of school dropout and poverty level among children and young people in the northern region of Ghana. BBL-Ghana has identified numerous challenges that contribute to the problem and which are; Parental attitude (ignorance) towards the importance of education, financial constraints on the part of parents that cause their inability to cater for their children’s education, and the lack of hope and confidence for the future on the part of young people.

BBL strives to make the dreams of bright but needy children in Ghana a reality. This project was first taught of on April 7th 2012, by Mr. Kwashie Darkudzi- Ghana and Ms. Edinam Marlene Paul- Germany who saw the need to provide a decent chance in life to bright but needy children in Ghana. The non-partisan organization is currently registered in Ghana with a keen interest in making an unprecedented impact in the area of education. The motto of the fund is, “sponsoring youth for brighter tomorrow”.

With the above factors, BBL-Ghana has come out with numerous activities to curb the menace of school dropout which will have an impact on poverty reduction. The proposed activities are; awareness creation to sensitize parents on the importance of education, Awarding scholarship to brilliant but needy students to have a senior high school education, Organizing remedial classes for senior high school graduates who failed in their graduate exams, Offering counseling to young people who have lost hope for future to realize their opportunities in order to regain the lost hope for the future, and finally supporting students who walk for a distance from community to community to schools with bicycles. BBL-Ghana believes with the above mentioned activities, children and young people of the northern region of Ghana will have get a better future through education.

The Problem- Children and young people finds it difficult completing their education because of several problems. Even though its free basic education in Ghana, yet senior high school is expensive for families whose income is less than 1 dollar per day. Children from these families even after qualifying to go to senior high schools are not able to go because their parents are not able to pay.

Other students who made to the senior high schools fail their graduate exams out of lack of motivation and encouragement from the families. These students will have to pay an amount of money in order to re-sit for the failed exams but they will have to study on their own in order to write the exams. But it’s very difficult for them to pass while studying on their own. With all these challenges, there have not been any organization that is working on it in the rural areas and that is why BBL is initiated to reducing the dropping out rate which will influence the reduction of poverty in the rural districts of northern Ghana.

The Solution- BBL-Ghana will use sensitization to educate the parents on the importance of education through community visits and forum, theater to showcase how important education is to them and the country at large. We will also administer scholarship to brilliant but needy students in order to help them get a senior high school education. We will also be organizing remedial classes for the students who do fail in their graduate exams for them to have an intensive studying in order to write the failed exams. BBL will also provide counseling for young people who lost hope and confidence for the future to regain their hope and confidence in order to have a brighter future. There is also a challenge with some students walking for distances from one community to another for school. BBL also wants to support those students with bicycles so that they can ride to schools instead of walking to schools. With these activities, we believe that in the next 5-10 years, young people in the rural parts of the northern region of Ghana will have a brighter future through quality education.

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