Darsfield Village Farms (Commercial Farming Operations)

The Darsfield Village Farm (Darsfarm) is a commercial profit making farms and operating in Ghana.

Darsfarm is a partner organisation to Darsfield EarthCare & Farm-Tech Foundation (Darsfoundation) which was formed to assist the over 10,000 peasant farmers or small farm-holders in our rural communities to grow and market their produce. So has Darsfarm with 168 Out-growers in five regions of Ghana.

Darsfarm concern is primarily to produce organic Foods, Fruits, Vegetables (ORGANICALLY) and livestock through environmental conservation programs and sustainable alternative livelihood in rural communities.
Darsfarm began its operations in 28 October 2008 at Nsawam & Papasi near Amasaman for local and international markets.

The Darsfarm was born from the parent company Darsfield EarthCare & Farm- Tech Foundation (Darsfoundation) an Agriculture in environment & conservation non governmental organization, Darsfarm recognition of the urgency and collective responsibility needed to preserve the environment & healthy food for the health conscious in our midst and generate massive income through employment from sustainable agriculture, managing forest resources and promoting organic farm produce that promote health and longevity of consumers.

Darsfarm is collaborating with-

  • Local Farmer Based Organisations (FBOs) & Community Based Organisations (CBOs)
  • Darsfield EarthCare & Farm-Tech Foundation (Darsfoundation)
  • Darsfoundation Demonstration Farms (Demofarm)
  • Women Groups & Peasant Farmers (Small- Scale Holders)

Darsfarm is producing the following-


  • Tomatoes varieties: Boniza, Fantastic, Belgium Giant Cordova and other.
  • Turia, Marrow and Tinda
  • Chile pepper varieties: Chilly pepper, Red Delicious, Hot pepper, Bird Eye Pepper.
  •  Egg plants. & Onion
  • Okra varieties: Lady finger and other.


  • Pineapple: MD 2, Smooth cayeme, Sugar loaf and Queens.
  • Orange: Tangerine, lime, lemon and other.
  • Mango.
  • Papaye (Pawpaw)

Grain/ Cereal-

Beans, Millet, Maize, Sorghum, Soyabean & Rice,

Roots and tubers-

  • Potatoes, Yams and Cassava.

We produce product like- Moringa products (Moringa oil, Moringa liquid soap, Moringa soap, Moringa powder, Moringa teabags, Moringa ointment and Moringa cream) at.

Medicinal plants- we have are

  • Moringa Olieferia powder
  • Xylopia aethiopica powder
  • Voacanga and
  • Dandilum.
  • Shea nut butter and Coco butter


  • Oyster Mushroom
  • Snail
  • Tilapia & Cat fish
  • Honey & Honey products
  • Palm Oil
  • Moringa Oil, Baobab oil, Allanblackia fat
  • Azadiracta indica (Neen) Oil

Our members produce in large quantity like-

  • Coconut husk,
  • Palm kernel & palm kernel fruits,

Now we want access into your markets, if only you could buy from us in Ghana. We want buyer of Fruits and vegetables from Europe.

Darsfarm believes that we must produce healthy foodstuff that can help the body in natural healing process, growth and longevity. Our target is to feed those that has diabetics, hypertension, anemia without regularly visiting the hospital etc

Darsfarm- registration number BN-6,145D:

We have also registered with-

  • Ghana Export Promotion Authority and
  • Centre for Scientific Research Into Plant Medicine

23 Responses to Darsfield Village Farms (Commercial Farming Operations)

  1. arthur benjamin osei says:

    am a 3rd year statistics student of knust . please i would like to know the importance of vermiculture and know how it helps in solving waste problems.so ,i would like to know how to engage myself in it. thank you..

    • Kwashie Darkudzi says:

      Hi Sir,
      Vermiculture is simply just earthworm farming, you know earthworm degrades wastes such as kitchen waste, farm residues and other agro waste. the earthworm cast is a multi million dollars business in the world for export and all that you need is live earthworm and huge waste

  2. Yafah Israel says:

    I would like to talk about our solar cooker projects

  3. Fafa says:

    I will like to know more about tomatoes farming

    • Kwashie Darkudzi says:

      Dear Fafa,
      About tomato farming? what about?
      We teach organic farming of fruits and vegetables,
      but let me hear from you your concern

  4. Thomas F. G. Insaidoo says:

    There are a number of farmers in the Adanse South (New Edubiase) area of Ashanti Region of Ghana who have gone into cultivation of Allanblackia since 2007. They were encouraged by Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG) and other partners to go into the nursery and cultivation and preservation of Allanblackia trees. Their trees have started bearing fruits. Their problem now is they do not have market for the crop. Please, how can your outfit help these farmers to get market for their Allanblackia seeds, for them to get income and not lose hope of going into such useful livelihood project?
    I am prepared to give you details of their production levels after getting your first feedback. Thanks
    From Thomas F. G. Insaidoo – An Expert in Forest-Based Livelihoods.

    • Kwashie Darkudzi says:

      Dear Thomas,
      we can help you in two ways first teach you how to add value to the produce and secondly export it for.
      But adding value would bring us more profits than exporting it raw
      Get back to me with the acrage size, number of farmers involved and number of women involved too

  5. graham lloyd says:

    Do you sell Avocado?

  6. Muhammed Bawah Sadiq says:

    Please sir, i am a level 300 student of UDS studying nursing. i rather have a strong interest in farming especially fish farming. i would love to go into the tilapia fish farming bussiness and would love assistance from your organisation. i am not particularly sure how your support is solicited but i do know i need it. thank you and waiting on your reply

    • Kwashie Darkudzi says:

      Dear Mr. Sadiq,
      we can work with you on your dream, however we encourage cage fishing on the lakes than brakishwater ponds
      So we would need you to visit our Accra or Nsawam Office for detailed discussions and the package
      Consultancy fee is Ghc100 and training in aquaculture is Ghc250, we would help you fabricate the cage using bamboo or metal
      Getting trained in more than three of our programs would be Ghc 600 and it includes handouts and practical training
      Call 0208613398 or 0262613398

  7. Daniel says:

    Please I want to contact this foundation but I see no mobile or telephone number..pls can u call me….I need ur help seriously…0247681875

  8. adegoke Raymond Abayomi says:

    Hello, am interested in Tilapia fish farming, kindly give your what’s app contact, thank you, Adegoke from Nigeria

  9. frinjuah manasseh says:

    Please sir, my name is Frinjuah Manasseh and i work with ISODEC in accra. i rather have a strong interest in farming especially fish farming. i would love to go into the tilapia fish farming business in the upper east region and would love assistance from your organization.

  10. Isaac Agyare says:

    Mr Darkudzi,
    I am touched reading through your answers, I am a commercial farmer in Atebubu, BA region with 35 acres of mangoes and 50 acres of coconut, I am interested in getting into vegetable farms as a short term program, let me know who I should get in touch with.

    Agyaresco Farms

  11. Joy Robbins says:

    Please I am wanting to do vermicomposting for my household. Do you know where I can buy earthworms in Accra?

  12. khamil says:

    Please i work in one agricultural company in Italy, i would like to know if you do exportations of agricultural stuffs. Please we need seeds of (avocado pear) or even nursed ones.
    Please if its possible, please kindly give me your email, or whatsapp number so that we can talk. Please.

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