Ho & Hohoe areas is located on the Togo- Ghana mountain range.

Our Eco- Village is located in Wli (of Afegame of the Hohoe Municipal Assembly) in the Volta Region of Ghana.

The area falls within the high rain-forest zone on the South Eastern Ghana. The mountain is made up of undulating hills, high table lands and covered with many water tributaries from the peak of the summit into the Volta lakes. It covers an area of several thousands hectares of forestland, through it flows some noticeable rivers (e. g. the River Nubiu and Agumatse) which has its origin in Republic of Togo.

Its home of the only twin waterfalls in West Africa and possibly Africa.

The Ghana- Togo range is home to many species of-

Mammals (fruity bats, red & black flanked antelopes, two types of monkey species- baboons),

• Snakes (Africa pythons, Black cobra and viper)

• Birds (parrots, local eagles & hawks)

• Insects (butterflies and bees). 

It has dark rich soil that is rich for agricultural activities (for cultivation of crops and cash crops- cocoa, coffee, rice and vegetables) and on yearly basis wildfire graze through the forest mountainous range thereby degrading the forest in addition to logging, charcoal burning and cocoa farming in the forest. The community is mainly inhabited by peasant farmers who depend on farming (especially rice & cocoa farming).

The community is affected with the above mentioned problems/ challenges. The community is highly endemic with little or no economic activities but its abound with natural rain-forest, wildlife, waterfalls and good soil for farming. The forest is rich in wildlife and natural beauty like high mountain for mountain climbers and waterfalls, hence the flow of river Nubui and river Agumatsa into the lake Volta. Just like in the Western Ghana, the Southeast central forest of Ghana is rich in both flora and fauna. It has many species of mammals (bats, monkeys & antelope), snakes (Africa Python, black cobra) and other birds, Birds (parrots, hawks), insects (variety of butterflies and bees). The forest is rich in rare and high forest trees and medicinal plants (herbs).

It was recently identified and marked by United Nations Organisation (U.N.O) as protection zone whilst the Southwest of Ghana have been targeted as exceptionally high priority for conservation action.

Wli Tourist Centre at Afegame of the Hohoe Municipal Assembly is a place to be with the family for a lung full of fresh air to cleanse the minds & souls, and also reviving  & bringing the whole body to a new horizon and power.

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