Community Tree Nurseries & Tree Planting Programs & Sustainable Alternative Agriculture/ Livelihood

Trees and forests are immeasurably precious. Healthy, abundant forests don’t just enhance lives, they save lives. They provide shelter, fuel, medicine and nutrition and are central to many spiritual and cultural beliefs. They also enable us and other species to breathe. 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihoods and 50% of the world’s species live in tropical forests alone.

Yet human pressures pose the biggest threat to forests – we destroy 124,000 acres every day. At the Darsfoundation we protect forests and we do this by working with local communities to establish sustainable forestry practices.

Ghana’s forest has reduced from 29.3% to 1.9% in just sixty years. Forest plays dual role as source and sink. Forest stores 45% of earth’s terrestrial carbon. In 2005, forest covers four billion hectares of earth’s  surface (30%) land surface of which African forest covers less than seven hundred million hectares accounting for (17.6%) of world forest.

Any carbon removed from the atmosphere today by forest is worth more than the future emissions reduction because of carbon dioxide long residency atmosphere. Forest plays an important role in both mitigation and adaptation. Reduce the amount of green house gases entering the atmosphere and adjust natural and human systems so that they are less vulnerable to climate change effects.

Avoiding carbon emission from deforestation and degradation by protecting forest covers enhancing carbon sequestration through afforestation, re-forestation and sustainable forest management.

Communities Darsfoundation is working with have high levels of unemployment that have rippled out to increase in crime and prostitution. A number of those employed do not have a guaranteed source of income.

Some options are mushroom farming, snail farming, aquaculture, bee-keeping and processing/ value addition to produce.

Members work in group to carry out agro-forestation projects to protect wildlife and water sources, and other small community projects like rain harvesting, storage and water purification/treatment system. Darsfoundation also advocates the integration of trees to agriculture to improve biodiversity. Seeds/seedlings are provided freely for cultivation. Darsfoundation have nurseries of over 500,000 seedlings that would be used in agro-forestation projects to reverse the ecological damage and reduce global warming.

Community Tree Planting

Community Tree Planting

Ghana is dealing seriously with environmental and health, from mining, deforestation, waste management, water pollution and use of hazardous chemicals on soil. Statistics of illnesses of most hospitals in Ghana have diseases that are environmentally related, such as malaria, cholera, typhoid and dysentery. Ghana has pumped one billion dollars ($1 billion) into the control of malaria in the last 3 years, yet no improvement in the control of above mentioned infections like malaria and cholera due to environmental degradation and bad sanitation practices.

When we dress the earth then we can keep it and hand it over to the next generation. We have to rethink and change our minds to save the environment/ earth. The environment is politically not interesting or catchy enough for politicians, so politicians do not have interest on environment.

Today we are not facing one but two global crises: the financial crises, and the more insidious one to our misuse of natural resources. The two are so tightly linked that we will not solve the global financial crisis until we start re-thinking how we can use resources more efficiently and sustainably. For example with each smart phone made, more than 50 minerals are exploited and our growing dependence on these finite resources for new technology will only deepen the financial crisis as prices increase exponentially. A potential battleground for the future has been laid, as these resources become more and more scarce.