Cottage Industries and Value Addition (Sales & Marketing Sections)

There is a Memorandum Of Agreement (M.O.A) for large haulage of produce between Darsfarms and Foreign Buyers (Exports).

Darsfield Village Farms (Darsfarms), project seeks to expand the organic farming operations and further diversify to establish processing value addition & promote medicinal herb production for healthy living such as Moringa (Powder & Oil), Xylopia aethiopica(Powder & Oil) & Azadiracta Indica (Oil).

Darsfarms in association with Farmers Based Organizations (FBO’s) of Darsfoundation who cultivates fruits, vegetables, honey and mushroom using organic farming methods. Through this project, Darsfarm aims at increasing output level as well as diversifying its operations to encompass fruits processing and medicinal herb tonic to improve general well-being of consumers.

Cottage Industries Projects

The aim of this project is to promote integrated rural commercial development activities that would prevent the yearly ritual of post harvest loses and the exploitation of farmers by middle men who take advantage of farmers inclination to reduce these loses.

This project will take advantage of the existing and simple value-adding technologies that have been overlooked. Produce like cassava, has been a major delicacy among Ghanaians, when used for “fufu”. Cassava however, is a perishable crop and can result in great loses if not sold in time. Simple processes by drying and grinding into flour can serve as preservation, more values can be added through packaging. This package cassava flour can be used for fufu and sold overseas like USA, UK and other African countries. Adaptation if this technology to secure and improve the income base of community members is appropriate. The technology can be applied to corn, cocoyam and plantain as well.