Education and Capacity Building

Darsfoundation would be targeting mostly women and youths in the rural communities and drop out in secular school system, after trainings the grandaunts would be supported with farm tools and equipment to establish their own farms coupled to afforestation programs.

It’s important to determine our main goals before we begin, these might include-

  • Training  farmers  and  families  and  others  in  the  area  of  agriculture & agro-forestry.
  •  Contributing to food seen for the school feeding programs and community.
  •  Creating income from sales of farm produce, and lastly
  • Introducing participants to a potential life-long hobby.

 Species of trees targeted for the projects includes-

Calliandra calothyrus Anacardium occidentalis Swietenia macrophylla
Gliricidia sepium Tamarindus indica Swietenia humilis
Acacia angustissima Byrsonimia classifolia Cedrela odorata
Leucaena leucocephalla Byrsonimia sp Acrocarpus fraxinifolious
Leucaena collinsi Anacardium excelsium
Cajanus cajan Samanea saman
Cassia siamea Albizzia guachepele
Mimosa tenuifolia Cordia gerascanthus
Mimosa scabrela Cordia alliodora
Khaya senegalensis
Tectona grandis

Education & Capacity Building

Education is the key element in achieving Darsfoundation’s objectives. Presently, Darsfoundation holds a series of workshops and training sections to inform community members & association of farmers of the environmental downturn to the local and global consequences. Additionally, information is provided on sustainable agriculture, alternative livelihood and environmental protection.

To meet this challenge, Darsfoundation embarks on education and training programs, community mobilization, neighborhood stewardship programs and strategic livelihood development projects.

Vision and mission of Darsfield EarthCare & Farm-Tech Foundation (Darsfoundation). The Darsfoundation was born from the recognition of the urgency and the individual and collective responsibility needed to preserve the environment, wildlife and salvage most of the rural farming communities in Ghana. Most of these communities are caught up in a hopeless cycle of poverty.
Darsfoundation mission is to provide the knowledge, infrastructure and the support that would lift individual farmers in these poor communities from the bottom of the socio- economic ladder to the middle.