Tilapia Fish Cage Farming and Sustainable Agriculture

Ghana total land size is covered by 5% of water. The richest country with water resources but this resource is never utilized. The initial target of Darsfoundation was to provide community based assistance to 100 fish-cage farmers to produce about 380 tons/semi annually for local market.

The riverside communities are getting entrenched in poverty with the dwindling away/decline in fish stock. As the situation gets desperate, Darsfoundation sees a solution with appropriate support and training in fish culture in cages will boost fish production to meet national demands and with a potential for export.

  • We assist groups, individuals and business clients in designing fish cages for rearing of tilapia and mudfish.
  • We also assist clients in design and construction of brisk-water fishponds, fish pens and guiding farmers into profitable ventures.
  • We provide training in AQUACULTURE and the use of Agro-waste to maximize profit in fish farming.

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There are currently 250 members interested in fish farming, with a minimum production of 10,000kg of fish/ fish farmers society in five (5) months, this would result in yield of about 950 metric tons in 6 months. To achieve this, Darsfoundation needs to provide farmers with fish cage or help design/ construction of fish ponds. Farmers would need fingerlings and feed, which would be given to them on credit. There is also the need for aquaculture extension services that the communities can rely on at anytime since this not too familiar a profession to them. The target harvest would require a cold storage system to preserve the produce for distribution through the season and maintain the value and integrity of the fish market by not supplying the demands.


  • Ghana’s fishery sector is in crisis, Fish consumption is 23 kilo/ annum/ person in Ghana,

The sector generates employment for 10% of Ghana’s population. Of late, the sector has introduced bad fishing practices hence the use of light for fishing; through this we have lost 80% of our fish stocks in our water bodies. Canoes has drastically increased from 10,000 – 14,000 within the last 5 years, hence the pressure on the fisheries sector.

Solution: Ghanaian fishermen should invest in aquaculture to reduce fishermen on high seas.

Darsfoundation is training and supporting families/ farmers in-

  1. Beekeeping (Honey production) ,
  2. Snail farming,
  3. Mushroom farming,
  4. pigs and poultry,
  5. Grass cutter farming & Rabbitary,
  6. Vermiculture (worm farming).